Event Marketing

Put stunning marketing pieces in the hands of brides and grooms. Our marketing service will serve as a complete partner to your venue. Brides and grooms need to plan that perfect event, so we will work closely with you and the vendor partners to give you a beautiful marketing package that showcases the strength of your venue.


  1. Customized presentation packages that gives brides and grooms a complete and stunning look to the venue.
  2. A premium page on Bride To Be website.
  3. An electronic version of your collateral that can be emailed to brides and grooms or directly placed on your website.
  4. Highlights preferred vendors that are associated with your venue.


  1. A visually beautiful presentation package showcasing your venue.
  2. An elegant and effective sales tool that allows brides and grooms to stay in touch even after they leave the venue.
  3. Effective way to connect brides and grooms to vendors during the wedding planning process.